Why Dot2Dot?

Why Dot2Dot - background mask

Avoidable transmission of disease is the number one priority of public health officials and now governments globally. This is an area where innovation is urgently required.

The most effective way to delay the spread of an infectious disease is to apply accurate, effective and efficient contact tracing as soon as an initial (index) case is identified.

The current models for contact tracing are antiquated and outdated. Many infectious diseases have official NICE guidance attached say how contact tracing should be undertaken on the ground – but these are widely seen by Consultants and Nurses as too subjective, contradictory and confusing. As a result, practice is inconsistent and dependent on the competency of individual practitioners. Contacts are missed, often those who are the most vulnerable in society, and disease spreads.

The consequences of infectious disease outbreaks are significant both for public health at a macro and micro level, together with huge economic impact, again at both a macro and micro level. And this doesn’t begin to consider the individual human loss and devastation caused to families.


Excerpt from Private eye