Stage 2 – First Usable System

Stage 1 focuses on improving the prototype based on external feedback and our own ideas.

Stage 2 focuses on making a version that could be used in real world situations.

When we – and our external advisors – think we have a usable first version, we’ll create a “Stable” version and a “Development” version – this is standard development practice. Then if someone has a need for Dot2Dot – perhaps a localised outbreak of some disease, we can allow them to use the Stable version without risk of us breaking it with changes.

Right now we don’t know how many features are needed for “First Usable” – we need feedback from real world users to decide this.

The following is a brief list of features that we think might be considered important:

  • Better handling of teams of contact tracers
  • An option to allow self-entry of data by a contact
    • Particularly important in some communities, where direct disclosure of movements might be embarrassing or worse
  • An option to obtain a contacts’ timeline from Google Maps on Android Phones
    • Google Maps seems to capture a location history by default
    • Extracting this isn’t easy but it seems possible
  • Options to import location traces from external tools / databases
  • GDPR Notices and improved security

Note – depending on feedback, we might make this list smaller or larger. If Dot2Dot could benefit your team, please get in touch – we need to decide how many features are needed before we should make “Release 1.0”.