Stage 1 – Design and Prototype

Right now, we’re hard at work on a first version of Dot2Dot. We’ve created an initial UI design, and the development team are building out the initial features:

  • Web-based display of maps, contacts and contact location points
  • Easy UI to add new contacts and location points
    • By entering an address or picking a point on the map
    • Including multiple time-points for the same location
    • i.e. if someone goes to the pub every Monday, we can capture this
  • Login using Google login for anyone to test the system
  • Multiple “cases” – a way to support multiple outbreaks
  • Screens to browse, search and export lists of contacts
  • Assignment of locations and contacts to progress to different team members
  • Use on desktops, laptops and tablets initially
    • We’ll add mobile support later

The initial design is embedded below. In the next week, we’ll replace this with a link to a test system, so anyone interested can give us feedback. We are planning to iterate quite quickly to reach a first usable version

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